DeKaSi 55 in 1 Kit

DeKaSi 55 in 1 Accessories Kit

DeKaSi 55 in 1 Kit


The DeKaSi 55 in 1 Accessory kit is a solid value for those looking to really put their creative action camera skills to the test. The kit is one of several from different vendors that pack together a whole bunch of accessories for mounting your action camera to just about anything! I chose the DeKaSi 55 in 1 kit because it had a couple of pieces that I was particularly interested in.

What’s in the box

The kit comes in a medium size nylon and foam case to keep everything together. I found out the the folks who pack these kits must have a lot of experience as I’m never able to get all the pieces back in the case! On the other hand there’s lots of room to put together your custom assortment of pieces for a days outing.

As mentioned, I was interested in a couple of pieces that the DeKaSi 5 i 1 kit had that were missing in some of the others. One was and extension arm that will allow me to push the camera another 8 to 10 inches away from any mount. For example if you have a bike mount on your handle bars, you can add the extension and mount the camera facing the rider. The extra inches will broaden the shot of his or her face. You could also mount it to a helmet and get a similar ‘selfie’ view on a bike, motorcycle or while doing some other helmet requiring activity.

The other accessory was the yellow floating hand grip. The bright yellow flotation device will bring your camera to the surface instead of the bottom of pool or lake and the bright color should be easier to see.

A lot of the accessories in the kit are used to add together to achieve your desired angles. By connecting various rotators together, you’ll be able to set the camera for level shots even when mounting it to something with an odd angle. The additional mounting plates and J hooks are always handy to have around.The head strap and chest strap are both handy for getting interesting point of view (POV) shots when you need to keep your hands free such as when rock climbing or skiing. All these things have the typical GoPro styling so the pieces fit together with the accessories that have come with a couple of my action cameras.


DeKaSi 55- in 1 kit


Here’s a list of the pieces:

1  Large Shockproof Carrying Case(12.80*8.5*2.6 inch)
1  DeKaSi Storage Bag
1  Chest Mount Harness
1  Headstrap Mount
1  360-degree The Arm Housing
1  Vented Helmet Camera Strap
1  Wrist Strap for Smart Remote
1  Roll Bar Mount
1  Floating Hand Grip
1  Adjustable Car Suction Cup Mount
1  360-degree Rotation Wrist Mount
1  Three-way Adjustable Pivot Arm
1  Helmet Extension Arm
1  Extendable Handheld Monopod
1  Mini Flexible Tripod
2  Tripod Mount
2  J-Hook Quick Release Buckle
3  Quick Release Buckle
1  Camera Tether
2  Flat Adhesive Mount
3  Curved Adhesive Mount
6  Flat Adhesive Sticker
7  Curved Adhesive Sticker
5  Long Thumb Screw
1  Short Thumb Screw
1  Thumb Screw Wrench
1  Long Connection
1  Short Connection
12  Anti-Fog Inserts


Rating the DeKaSi 55 in 1 Kit

The DeKaSi 55 in 1 kit is an inexpensive way to add the accessories you may need to make full use of your action camera. A couple of the items in the kit if purchased separately would equal or exceed the cost of the 55 in 1 kit. The pieces seem well made and are inexpensive enough that you won’t be afraid to attach them to things like skate boards or other things that might take a beating or that you won’t want to remove them from. If you’re looking for a bunch of action camera accessories to cover most applications, the DeKaSi 55 in 1 kit is worth your consideration.


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